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Following on from our last post on this season's hottest interior trends, this week we're focussing on Peeli for little (and not so little) ones and why our versatile material may be just the thing you've been looking for to transform your children's rooms...

Peeli is a great option for creating a range of decals and wall art. The woven fabric is eco friendly, easy to wipe clean and super straightforward to apply. Bye bye mess. Bye bye hassle.

"But my kids grow so quick!" we hear you say. "One minute it's dinosaurs, next it's Minecraft." Don't sweat it. We know how quickly small ones grown and acquire new tastes and interests. We also understand (first-hand) what it's like trying to make a space work for two children - even trickier if we're talking brother and sister #magicalunicornmeetslegostarwars...

Doesn't work quite so well right?

Here's how we can help:

1.Non-permanent decals

If wallpapering or even our Digital Wall Coverings isn't going to work for your growing mini me's, say hello to Peeli. Our unique woven fabric can be printed with any image, graphic, illustration or pattern you choose. We're talking favourite characters, lettering, photos of amazing moments from your last family holiday or even the star of the show - a decal of your little one. But how do you make this work? Here's how:

Option 1: If you're in rented accomodation and like so many homes out there, your walls are top to bottom magnolia accompanied by that good ol' line in your contract (mark these walls and we'll suck out your soul and take all your money... why are estate agents banking vampires?), you'll be pleased to hear our Peeli decals come with a self-adhesive backing and leave no mess. Yep, no mess. Still worried about those walls? You can also mount our Peelis in frames or on backing boards and hang instead.

When it's time to switch things up or move home, gently peel off your decal and wipe down the wall. If you keep hold of your backing too, you can restick your Peeli to it to protect the adhesive and use it on a new surface. As long as you've ensure your wall is primed and clean, there'll be no sticky residue or peeling paint. Please read our guidelines regarding wall surfaces and installations.

Option 2: If you own your own home then you're free to splash colour across your walls as you choose. YEY! With this in mind, you can create amazing landscapes and scenes for your kid's room just using a bit of paint and Peeli. If you're not too comfortable creating an African vista or under the sea scene with paint, we found these awesome templates here.

Once your scene is ready, it's time to populate! Order any character or animal your child likes on Peeli then simply peel and apply them wherever you like. You can move them around for fun too. As we mentioned, don't worry about dirty fingerprints from small hands... just wipe clean with a warm, slightly damp cloth and your Peeli is as good as new.

You can order new characters and elements (trees, boats, cars, houses) and give these as unique gifts for birthdays and more. All our Peelis can be personalised with names and text too

2. Peelis to Encourage Play and Learning

We can also offer Peeli panels to be used for play in your child's room. Order Peeli panels with simple frames or your child's name on, leaving plenty of white space for them to be able to add their own creation. Sharpies and felt tip pens work great on Peeli. Think of it as an alternative to a blackboard or a paper roll. You can then use your child's art as a feature in their room and easily roll it up to keep it safe when it's not in use. These are great to use in any room - keep your kids entertained whilst you're working, cleaning or taking 10 for a brew and biccy.

These also work great for parties, schools and community events! Get in touch to find out more.

3. Mix & Match Displays - Galleries Gallore

Gallery walls are all the rage right now. A quick scroll through Instagram and Pinterest confirms this finding. So it must be true. But finding the right prints and frames can be time consuming and pricey. With Peeli, you choose what you want printing, what size it needs to be and how to mount it (wall, board, frame... the choice is yours). Easy! Create the perfect accompanying prints to your room for an effective, stylish touch. These work great for older children's rooms.

Bare Walls > Peeli Furniture!

If you prefer your walls bare, clean, minimalist, empty, all alone, that's cool too. We know a way you can introduce Peelis into rooms without touching a wall.

How about adding colour, patterns, textures or text to your wardrobes, chest of drawers, shelves, desks and more? This is a great way of making elements of your room pop or brightening up tired looking furniture. Think upcycling with a modern twist. Best of all, it's eco friendly and easy to clean. So... many... wins...! You're welcome.

Ready to go? Great! But first, here's the important bit to ensure you get the best application and leave your walls looking brand new:

How to apply your Peelis

Before applying ensure you're wall is clean, dry and had no cracks or bubbling. All good? Simply peel off the protective liner at the top left corner, gently press your Peeli against the wall in your chosen position. Keep one hand flat against your Peeli against the wall whilst slowly peeling the rest of the liner off the back. This technique will leave a smooth, perfectly positioned Peeli up on your wall. Keep your protective liner for when you're ready to remove your Peelis. Stick them back to the liner to keep the clean and you'll enjoy lots of uses from your Peeli.

Please take time to read our guidelines to get the best out of your Peeli products.

We'd love to see what you create - please share your wall art and Peeli creations with us on Facebook and Instagram. Happy Peel'ing,

The Peeli Team x

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