Halloween witch silhouette decoration

Witch on Broomstick Silhouette Sticker


Step into Spooky Season with our new flying Witch on Broomstick Silhouette sticker! A4 sheets prices start at £4.50 per sheet on High Tack material.


Our Peeli design individual Halloween stickers can be printed to any of our house materials, see details below and do please request a swatch book or call the team to discuss which material would suit your requirements.

  • Features & Benefits:

    Add a unique touch to almost anything, choose from the various material options for application to metal / cardboard / wood / plastic / glass and almost anything else you can think of.

    All materials are easy to apply and some of the materials have the Peeli unique adhesive backing with a release liner, making them easy to apply and move around and remove.

    Water resistant matt or gloss surface options

    Woven Fabric Peeli the PVC free option

    Repositionable and reusable material options

    High quality colour reproduction


    Uses & Applications:

    • Cars
    • Bikes
    • Trikes
    • Gifts
    • Bottles
    • Boxes
    • Bags
    • Boats
    • Caravans
    • Trailers
    • Books
    • Journals
    • Exhibition
    • Education
    • Events
    • Point-of-Sale
    • Retail Signage


    Or just for Fun

  • Application tips:

    Application instructions:

    Before application ensure your surface is clean and dry. To apply simply peel back and smooth down your Peeli gift label. To reposition, peel off and re-apply. Please contact us to discuss custom sizes and personalisation options.

    Window application tips: Important – please read these instructions carefully before applying.


    Top Tips for re-usasable materials: Keep hold of this backing sheet so that you can save your window decorations until next year !


    1 Ensure that the surface you are applying your static cling decoration to is perfectly clean.


    2. Using a household spray dispenser, lightly spray the glass with a mixture of water and a couple of drops of washing up liquid.


    3. Peel your decoration from its backing paper and apply the shiny side (the side that was in contact with the backing paper) onto the glass.


    4. Slide the decoration around until it is in the correct position.


    5. Squeegee out the excess water and air bubbles while holding the decoration in place and leave to dry. If you do not have a squeegee use a bank card.


    6. The window decorations can be cleaned using a weak solution of washing-up liquid and warm water. Do not use harsh cleaning products and avoid rubbing the printed areas.

    7. Retain the paper to keep your decorations for next year.

  • Material Options:

    ‘High Tack’ (HT) easy to apply & semi-permanent matt vinyl.


    ‘Low Tack’ (LT) ) Landlord friendly,easy to apply & easy to remove vinyl.


    ‘Panel Decal’ (PD) easy to apply, suitable for flat & slightly curved surfaces. Indoor and out door graphic solution, medium to long term.


    ‘Anti Slip’ (AS) tough & textured semi-permanent, R10 slip rating


    ‘Snow White’ (SW) white / perfect for window displays, static application, no glue so residue-free.  reverse print option for internal application to glass.


    ‘Peeli’ (P) easy to apply and reusable woven fabric, indoors & out. Note: Peeli & Stick installation. Removeable up to 6 months, then adhesive ‘cures’ and becomes permanent.


    ‘Ultra Window’ (UW) transparent / reverse print option for internal application to glass.

    ‘Magnet’ (MG) flexible polyester magnetic sheet for white appliances