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ORDER Choose your favourite pattern, choose your material and choose your size. Our standard matte white vinyl (HT) is the perfect easy-to-apply option for flat surfaces, our gloss white vinyl (PD) works on both flat, and slightly curved surfaces. Our frosted material (F) is the ideal privacy solution for windows. All of our patterns match side to side and top to bottom, regardless of the panel size option - so you can mix and match sizes to best fit your space. If you have something custom or another pattern or material in mind,
get in contact with us to discuss.



PREP Now that your wonderful vinyls have arrived you are going to have to contain your excitement to prepare before you put them straight up. First you need to prepare your surface - click here to make sure your surface will work for application. Once you have cleaned the surface and wiped away any dust, carefully measure and trim down your vinyl panel to the size required.

APPLY WHOO HOOO! The time has come. With the vinyls trimmed and the surfaces cleaned, its time for some Peeli(ing) & Stick(ing) to take place. Place the panel (with backing on) against the surface to decide its position, secure with masking tape. Add an masking tape 'anchor' in the top half of the panel. Peel back the vinyl, cut of the backing and apply the top section. Do this in swooping motions using a squeegee or credit card to push out the air. (We would suggest covering the card in a thin cloth to avoid scratches) Now, using gravity, peel the remaining backing off bit by bit and apply the rest of the panel, top down. Watch our video below or click here to see more detailed instructions.

Please note: we do not advise using our Peeli & Stick as a wall covering or replacement for wallpaper. Our Gloss vinyl is suitable for outdoor application but for high traffic areas and exposure to harsh conditions, we highly recommend the use of a laminate.
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